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 5 Fields of study

We take equipping for service very seriously. As a trusted and dear Pastor (founder of MTI) once said, "The calling and the equipping must come together!" - Neil Miers (Former International President Christian Outreach Centre, a movement of over 1,000 churches planted in less than 30 years).


Life, Dreams, & Destiny


Many have dreams of living their full potential and reaching their destiny in God's Kingdom. Ministry Training Institute (MTI) has become an important part of helping us prepare people as leaders to live their dreams!


Music students shall receive instruction in all forms of church related music ministry! They shall understand song writing, song leading, sound recording, audio production, worship leading, musical instruments, singing, musical event planning, and an amazing amount more! 


Missions students will gain instruction and practical experience in short term missions (local & abroad). They shall advance to long term missions and also be given training and opportunity to gain direction to oversee the missions projects of a nation! Upon completion of their studies students have the opportunity to be ordained and placed in as Oversight (National Directors) of missions operations (churches, orphanages, medical clinics, and more).


Students learn from Christendom's greatest counsellors. They are given instruction and opportunities to develop into 1 on 1 counsellors. This develops throughout the course to become opportunities for possible full-time counselling positions in church ministry teams!


Potential business leaders are trained in entrepreneurial skills along with spiritual knowledge for wealth and business success! Each student has the ability to receive personal business coaching as they step into a business of their own and develop into a fully functioning entrepreneur!


Opportunities are provided for students to develop their business and be partnered with ministry students to form a team for ministry and financial support. This is vital to explosive growth in business (a benevolent reason for existing).

Pastoral/5 Fold

Students are equipped for various roles in 5 fold ministry (Apostolic, Prophetic, Evangelism, Pastoral, and Teaching). Students will grow in a practical understanding of their talents, calling, and purpose as a minister in the body of Christ! Upon completion of their course, outstanding students will receive ministry ordination and opportunities in ministry positions!

Very Affordable


Because MTI doesn't need to pay lecturers or teachers, the course is very affordable! The only costs students need to cover are the course fees and learning materials! This literally means that courses can be taken at 10x less than the price of regular course costs! For example, instead of yearly costs being thousands of dollars, students will be pleasantly surprised to see only a few hundred dollars being needed!


Flexible Schedule


As courses are undertaken in a very flexible schedule, students are able to continue working their jobs or businesses while studying! This keeps students engaged with everyday life and their local churches as they develop for their future dreams!




For a free prospectus (pamphlet and materials giving specific outlines of all courses and topics of study) please contact us and ask for your copy today! We will be more than happy to provide you with all the information you desire on specific courses of training in Ministry Training Institute!

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