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Why should I get baptized?

When we get baptized it is a public and spiritual representation of your decision to follow Jesus Christ and that you've been reborn in Christ.

Can I be baptized as an adult?

Yes, getting baptized is a significant decision in your walk as a follower of Jesus Christ and when your an adult you can understand the impact of the choice on yourself and other people around you.

How do I arrange a baptism?

At GreatChurch we try to arrange baptism's for believers as often as possible. If you'd like to be baptized, please complete the form below and someone from our team will connect with you.

Who is allowed to attend my child's baptism?

During a baptism service at GreatChurch anyone can attend and watch the baptism. However, it's important to note that children under the age of 8 will not be eligible to be baptized.

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