Haiti in real life - Global Care International

Haiti in real life - Global Care International



Our church has partnered with a great Canadian non-profit organization called "Global Care International" to help people overseas to experience better lives. Taking teams on missions trips allows us to do our part to make this world a better place.

Our Dream


Our dream is to raise an awareness of the needs of others in nations where hurting people have been forgotten. We want to help young people realize that living in the greatest country in the world comes with great responsibility.




By taking groups on missions trips to needy nations we have discovered the following:


  • We learn a lot from other nations

  • Helping others helps us remain thankful

  • Being part of an answer releases our gifts

  • Working in teams breeds comradeship

  • Serving others strengthens our esteem

  • Missions trips produce great individuals


Where To?


We have taken teams to Haiti, Bulgaria, Australia, New York USA, England, Mexico, Africa, and Malaysia.

Haiti was our first project nation. We have an amazing National Director working in Port-au-Prince who is a Haitian National. The ministry has now developed to 10 churches, an orphanage, and a proposed medical clinic (to be built this year). We plan at least one missions trip to Haiti each year.