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Mens Night

Real men never stop growing

Retro Gent
Real men

These are strong words but the reality exists that few men feel at home in the very place that should exist to promote and celebrate their true rugged sense of manhood!

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Not The Average Church

Fortunately we are not an average church! God built you to be a man with an outstanding purpose. A purpose to succeed, achieve, conquer, discover, explore, and enjoy all the rewards of overcoming in life!

Hiking Boots
True Men

When men fulfill the purpose and design of manhood laid out in the Bible, family and society flourishes. Where men refuse to step up into that role, the world falls apart.

Driving Up Hill
When We Get Together



Join us once a month when the men gather to study. We address the specific and unique challenges we face as we step into fulfilling our God given purpose.


This group is held at our main church location (205 Main Street , Spruce Grove, AB, Canada). It starts at 7:00pm.


An exact date will be posted monthly on our "Church Calendar" on our church web site.




Some of the strongest bonds are forged in the field. We organize trips to have fun and face challenges together. From our annual mountain climbing trip, to paintball, go carts, shooting, hunting, and more. Join us at our regular monthly meeting to get in the loop to discover our next adventure!

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