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Elementary Classroom

We believe that kids enjoy church! Everything we do with our kids groups aims to engage and enable kids to enjoy an experience with Jesus!


Children's Ministry


Our children's ministry caters to all ages from birth through pre-teens. The age groups are arranged into 3 main divisions of ascending age categories (babies 0-3 yrs, toddlers 3-5 yrs, and kid's church 6-11yrs).


Young Families With Kids


Many young families with kids attend our Sunday services. As a result, our kids programs are a highlight! The children's workers have been selected, screened, and trained to make the experience especially enjoyable for all children! We know that if the kids have a great time, they will bring their parents back again and again! If it is boring the kids will not want to come again!


Safe & Fun


We especially want all kids to have a safe and fun time with us. If anyone wishes to join the children's ministry team there are a series of background checks and a personal interview that are to be completed prior to admission (simply for the care and safety of all children)!


Crystal Lawrence is head coordinator of leaders in all three age categories. She will have a team member run through requirements with you for serving in kids teams!


A number of our parent volunteers have had backgrounds in education (principals, teachers, etc.) or childcare positions. We willingly welcome parents to join our Kid's serving teams!




We have seen that rewards work best to encourage kids to participate in fun activities! One system the children's workers use is a ticket reward system. Children are given tickets for answering questions or being involved. Near the end of their time each are able to select from prizes according to the number if tickets they have received! We learned this from Chuck E. Cheese locations (thanks Chuck)! Kids love rewards!


A Meaningful Experience


It is our pleasure to allow each child to have a meaningful experience with encouraging team members, fun teaching times, and exciting encounters with inspired moments!


We want our children to have more than an ordinary time at church. It should be extraordinary!


Each Service


We welcome you to take advantage of all our kid's programs have to offer during each service! Ask any "Host" (wearing Host tags) for directions to specific age group areas! We will take good care of your children!

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