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34 Year old - Back Healed

Tawnya Yurkowski

I was in a car accident last October and I have been going to a chiropractor for the last 6 months to fix my spine and align my hips. I have had a pinched nerve in my hip for the last few months that gets so painful I can barely walk. It was starting to hurt at church on Sunday when I was in the pray line. Pastor Steve prayed for me and I felt a bunch of little mini cracks up and down my spine like I just had an adjustment from my chiropractor! It was so amazing. I wasn't even moving or doing anything and it straightend out! My hip stopped hurting and I couldn't even get it to start hurting again! God healed my hip and my back upper back! I am so thankful and excited to be able to pray for other people and share what he is doing in my life!

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32 Year old - Feet Healed

Andrew Hodges

Issues with my feet, Even bought $100 special shoes the day before.... Got Healed at tent meeting, Money wasted!! lol

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