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Our youth ministry is called:




Reach and lead young people (10-17) into an experience & expression of the reality of Christ's abundant life.

When We Get Together


IGNITE days are run every Wednesday afternoon from 3:45pm - 4:30pm

Practical Explanation


  • To foster an environment of genuine love and acceptance where young people can come and open their hearts to friendly, safe, and helpful peer relationships. This will prompt great choices that promote the best life experience possible!

  • To establish a relevant context in which young people can practically explore living spiritual truth that satisfies their spiritual thirst & hunger.

  • To provide young people (ages 10 - 17) with a safe, fun and encouraging environment in which they can enjoy healthy relationships, and invite friends to discover a real encounter with Jesus Christ.

  • To provide the Holy Spirit contemporary avenues to work in young people's lives, releasing them into deliverance, restoration, and healing (body, soul, & spirit).

  • To challenge leaders to always be well prepared to express the excellence of God's Kingdom through each activity experienced by young people!

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