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Almost 10 years ago our Senior Pastors met two businessmen from Hillsong church while speaking at a business conference in Australia. The two brothers began advising our pastors on how to build a business ministry within the church! Today, God Made Millionaires (GM2) is the result of that meeting!



Our pastors, Steve and Carmen Lynne had the opportunity to spend some time with business leaders from Judah Smith's church in Seattle. One of these leaders shared the vision for his $300 Million holding company that purchases and upgrades manufacturing companies! His vision was, "To raise finances to fund the Gospel."


In the purest sense, this is what we are all about at GM2. The wonderful thing about God is that you can never out-give Him. As we pour our lives into work we love and support ministry financially, our businesses keep growing! We get to enjoy the significance of funding ministry and also living in the abundant overflow of finances that result from supporting God's plans!

Pastor Steve & Carmen


"Our dream is to see people rise up into their life purpose, enjoying their field of excellence, releasing their talents and gifts, promoting and supporting the spread of the Gospel, and experiencing the fullness of Christ's promised abundant life in return!" – Dr. Steve & Dr. Carmen Lynne



Biblical wisdom principles and practical business strategies are taught along with God's promises to inspire action towards releasing God's Kingdom financial principles.


At the end of each night, attendees sign up for monthly homework assignments in the form of entrepreneurial book summaries, success steps, Kingdom wealth summaries, and mentorship life challenges.



God Made Millionaires meet one Wednesday evening per month at 7:00pm, in our main location (205 Main Street, Spruce Grove, AB, Canada). See "Upcoming Events" on this website for details.


These training nights establish a basis of thinking within our entrepreneurs that promotes big thinking, humble hearts, passionate generosity, receptive faith, and decisive action to manifest all God's financial promises in our lives and businesses.



The benefit of surrounding ourselves with likeminded business minds has protected our mindsets and encouraged our hearts to press into greater development.


We have discovered that as the business network has developed around us, we are able to resource and encourage each other towards greater accomplishments! It is so amazing to discover that God wants us all to succeed!

Establishing Entrepreneurs


The goal of GM2 is to train and develop people who have a calling to start successful businesses and gain significance as they financially and strategically support ministry based efforts to reach people with the amazing good news about Jesus Christ!

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