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Great Church Culture

1. Energetic Culture 

We clap in the music and we shout in the preaching.

We draw on God's fresh energy every day.

We display that energy with enthusiasm so others can receive it.

We don't say “I'm tired.”

We are happy! We choose joy!


2. I Can Culture

I can find a way to help and be involved.

I eliminate all excuses.

Philippians 4:13

We are a bold, unintimidated people and we love to do the impossible!

3. Vision Culture 

We are looking to what lies ahead. Philippians 3:13-14

God shows us what is coming and we prepare and we move forward.

We embrace change freely and regularly to go forward with the vision.


4. Bringing Culture

We think OTHERS. Everything we do is for others.

We are not inwardor cliquey.

We are always bringing people to church.


5.  Giving Culture 

We get excited about tithing and giving offerings because we love the open heavens and the blessings of our God.

We cheerfully give of our time, talents and resources, because we love God and are thankful for all He has done for us. 


6.  Honor Culture

We honor our lead Pastors and bring them joy. Hebrews 13:17

We honor the house of God. (We keep it clean and we take out our trash)

We honor the preached word of God. 

We listen attentively during the message and take notes. 

We honor others. (We do not judgethem for where they are at)


7. Expectant Culture 

We have a high expectancy of what God will do. 

We believe in "suddenlies."

We are people filled with faith. 


8. Volunteer Culture 

We come on time when scheduled to serve.

We love to serve. Wherever there is a need, we rush to help meetthe need to lift up the name of Jesus.

We are friendly.

9.  Praising Culture

We easily clap and raise our hands to praise God.

We shout to God with a voice of triumph. 

We are louder at church than at a hockey game or a concert.

10. Family Culture 

Here at Great Church we aren't just friends,we are family doing life together. Just as parents, grandparents, andsiblings get excited for the arrival of a new baby to the family,we get excited to have new family members added every week.We embrace new people easily, and welcome new people into the circle of our life.

We look forward to our future generations all serving Godhere at Great Church.

We always speak long-term. 


11. Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Culture

Our church is filled with people from all age groups and allnationalities.


12. Training and Empowering Culture

We train people in their purpose and their destiny to go forward.

We believe in personal development.

We love wisdom, so we are always reading and learning more.

We come to church hungry for our "take away" lesson to implement into our lives this week.


13. Loyal Culture 

We are loyal people; all-in, planted, and long-term in the house of God.

We forgive people quickly and freely and stay loyal.

We speak life and hope over each other and our mission. 

We stand together.

14. Grateful Culture

We are grateful to God for all he has done and given to us.

We bless our Pastors and are grateful that they teach us the truth from the Word of God. 

We are grateful for our children's workers, hosts, musicians, and all volunteers. We are grateful for their time and effort. 


15. Growing Culture 

We are a relevant, cutting edge, growing church.

Every week people are being added to the church. 

I always move in the 1+1 time to talk to people to make them feel welcomed and comfortable.

I look to sit beside someone who is alone in church to make them feel comfortable.

People are learning the Word of God and becoming mature believers. 

We are growing numerically, spiritually, financially, and relationally. 


16. Devoted Culture

We are devoted to a personal relationship with God through worship, prayer, growth in the Word, faith, and obedience.

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