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Core Values

What we care all about. Our statement of what we believe. We care all about seeing people experience and express the fullness of life in Christ.


All other values come from this. We encourage everyone to love people up, down, and all around with unconditional acceptance and no judgments.


We value activities that are socially important, age appropriate and relating to the needs, desires and interests of each target group.


We value a broad family group that allows dreams to become reality in our lives, expressed through diverse socioeconomic and cultural people-groups joining to belong together, at home, as the children of God.


We'll make you feel right at home!


We value a Church that expresses a full life-giving spirit through vibrant praise, encouraging attitudes, and enthusiastic perception.


We value consistent church membership, expressed through attendance, generosity in giving of time, finances and talents, and committed dedicated involvement.


We value the pursuit of truth found in the word of God that releases us into freedom in all areas of Christian growth and development, leading to a balanced and successful life.


We value excellence in life, vocation, ministry, and relationships as the highest attitude that practically promotes God.


We value the preparation of God's people for the purpose of influencing nations and generations for destiny in Christ.

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