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A Good Bible-based Church

Joel Osteen

What is a good Bible-based church?


- A good Bible-based church is a place where positive and uplifting messages are presented, based on Biblical principles, with the aim of drawing people into a more rewarding and fulfilling life experience, now and into eternity.


- It is a place where people are loved, celebrated, encouraged, and informed with timeless wisdom principles that will ensure success and significance in all they do.


- Anyone from all walks of life and circumstances are welcomed by open and nonjudgmental people. Imperfect people are free to meet together and enjoy growing relationships based on practical loving  experiences where all are cared for.


"We believe that we can live up to this expression of what a Bible-based church really is. And we hope to see you sometime, we will make you feel right at home!"

- Pastors Steven & Carmen Lynne

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